The Story of the Scent of Rose and How it Became One of the Most Beloved Fragrance Notes

Who doesn’t love roses? In addition to enjoying its fragrance, this velvety bloom has captured the minds and hearts of individuals throughout the centuries. So, what exactly is the story of the scent of rose, and how has it become one of the most beloved fragrance notes? 

Known as the queen of flowers, the mystical essence of roses has been a source of inspiration for artists, painters, and poets. It is considered a symbol of love, royalty, beauty, and youth. 

With time, the scent of roses has bewitched olfactory senses, making it one of the main ingredients used by master perfumers and scent designers to create multifaceted perfumes. The fragrance is said to be relaxing and calming to the mind.

Roses Through History

Roses are the only flowers with a documented history dating back to more than 30 million years. The earliest mention of the rose leaves was found during the Paleolithic Era in the Colorado Rockies almost 35 million years ago. Rose flowers were first mentioned in Asia around 3000 to 2300 BC. Rose cultivation was an ancient practice that brought forth more than 13,000 varieties of this species. 

From time unknown, these beautiful and alluring blooms symbolized passion and ethereal beauty. Sacred to the Greek goddess of love, Venus and Aphrodite, it was highly priced in the ancient world. The Romans coveted these attractive blooms for their fragrance. The rose types commonly used during these times were the Gallica and Damask rose. 

Before the 18th century, roses were mainly used for medicinal purposes. In the Victorian era, roses became famous for their aesthetic beauty and pleasant aroma. Today, it is commonly found in most parts of the world, with Morocco, France, Bulgaria, and Turkey being the primary producers.

Scent of Roses

One of the main reasons most individuals love roses is their powerful yet pure fragrance. Due to floral breeding, the rose flower offers a spectrum of fragrances, including different notes such as wine, boxwoods, honey, green tea, and much more. It is assumed the scent of roses evolves from more than 300 other compounds.

The floral scent of roses changes based on the time of the day. The scent is more potent during the early morning hours when it is all set for pollination. The scent of roses can be intense, delicate, extremely complex, velvety, transparent, sensual, crystalline, and eternally charming. These are some of the ways artists describe this magnificent and breathtaking flower in their literary works.

Wrap Up

While roses spread a variety of complex scents ranging from floral notes to spicy aromas, the enchanting fragrance is charming and relaxing. Adored for their magnificent appearance, rose blooms are a sight far too extravagant to behold. 

Roses indeed have claimed a part for themselves in the perfume world with their deep and complex fragrance. The scent of roses is not just delicate but ignites a feeling of passion and romance with its fresh tone. 

Though roses have been around for more than thousands of years, it continues to be the critical fragrant player in perfumery. So even if you might not be a rose lover, it’s a sure bet that roses might be a prime ingredient in some of your go-to fragrances, especially when it comes to the best perfumes for women.

If you love the scent of rose see below our rose-inspired scents, Our rose soy candle “A Symphony Of Rose” combines the fragrance notes of three different roses with a touch of wisteria. Also see our rose lightly whipped body scrub “An English Rose”.

A Symphony Of Rose


Their petals fall like notes from a score. Fluttering down in pinks and reds till they crash in a crescendo of colourful delights. This is their song. Their time. This is a symphony of rose

Our candles are created using clean soy wax for a more Fresh and healthy burning experience

Candle Care

  • Our candle with proper maintenance and care will provide up to 50 hours of burn time
  • Burn the candle no longer than 4 Hour periods giving enough rest for the candle to completely cool in-between uses
  • After use trim wick to 5mm high to ensure successful burning

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An English Rose


Sweet, pink and pretty, just like an English floral posy is this whipped body scrub. Himalayan pink salt, jojoba oil and shea butter are whipped with red rose petals and scented with four types of rose essential oils. Damask, Croatian, Bulgarian and Rose Geranium. Add a touch of Australian pink clay and your skin will smell and feel divine.


  • Apply a small handful onto damp skin in the shower or bath, massage and rub thoroughly in a circular fashion. Rinse off after two minutes for most effective results


  • Scrub Care store below 25 degrees and keep water out of the container to prevent contaminating
  • Our products have a recommended shelf life of 3 months
  • our products can make your shower or bath recesses slippery so please be cautious and rinse of surfaces after use


Epsom salts, Himalayan salt rock, Shea butter, Jojoba virgin oil, Australian pink clay (Kaolin, Iron oxides), Leucidal, Essential Oils (Rose damask absolute 3% in jojoba, Rose geranium, Croatian rose absolute 3% in jojoba & Bulgarian rose absolute 3% in jojoba) Dried Rose Petals


  • Seek medical advice before using if pregnant
  • Do not use on infants or children
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Do not ingest

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