Handcrafted in the world heritage listed Blue Mountains, Australia, mother and son team create hand poured soy candles with uniquely blended scents, and natural body products using essential oils.

World Infused Candles was created from the inspiration and passion for travel. Gathering the scents of our wanderlust we invoke the spirit of those journeyed days. Capturing the essence of where we have been and where we long to go. Ignite your senses and take with us a scentual journey through the fragrances of our world.

Meet the Team

World Infused Candles Owner and Creator of soy candles plus natural body products



Candle Artisan/Owner

The power of scent has the ability to evoke the memories of one’s special moments in life. From an early age the sweet, floral fragrance of the port wine magnolia reminded me of my grandmother and walking through her beautiful gardens.

As I became older and travel became my passion, it was always the scent of the destination that left me yearning for these faraway places when I returned home.

The intoxicating scent of frangipani in a warm, humid climate reminded me of holidays with my family to the Cook Islands and those carefree days.

The fresh clean scent of pine brought back to me the more adventurous road trip holidays to the Rocky Mountains in Canada.

The alluring heady aromas of spice with the sweetness of orange blossoms reminds me of the lively marketplaces in Marrakesh.

With World Infused Candles. I have combined my passion for travel with my love for creating uniquely scented handcrafted products.

I hope that you find your scentual journey.

World Infused Candles Owner Soy candles Australian Based

Tristan Brown


I have always had a passion for the art of business whether big or small. I am fascinated about the creativity and process that goes into the creation of the businesses that surround our lives and I have been given this great opportunity to grow my own. Through success and struggles, the art of business is ever present within my life, combined with my mother’s passion for travel we bring to you our signature brand World Infused Candles.