Across sandy dunes and beneath a sky of endless stars we trek , through valleys filled with dust and rocky hills we push forward to reach our journeys end. We find the ancient, knotted trees to collect their precious gift, a powerful resin. Diffuse this highly aromatic and earthy scent within your home.

Using the Pure Essential oils of Frankincense, Egyptian Geranium, Sweet Orange and Black Pepper

  • Add a few drops to your steam diffuser or oil burner.
  • For Massage: Add 8 drops per 20ml of carrier oil.

Frankincense, Egyptian Geranium, Sweet Orange, Black Pepper

  • Seek medical advice before using if pregnant
  • Do not use on infants or children
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Do not ingest
  • Do not use on skin undiluted
  • Avoid eye contact


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